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Professional SEO. Amateur husband.

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Finally some good SEO advice - from an actual SEO professional, created specifically for photographers. 

  • 5 days, 15 Lessons covering the SEO process from scratch
  • The tools & concepts needed to succeed 
  • How to set goals & expectations
  • Common mistakes and how to avoid them
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"OMG! This is SO SO SO GREAT and such a huge help.  I have only gotten to listen to half of it this morning getting my kid to school, but am so excited to sit down and delve in deep to get some of these things fixed.  

From what I heard this morning, he makes everything SO EASY and straightforward.  It is certainly refreshing to hear someone talk about SEO is a clear, easy and reliable way! I’ve never really cared much about SEO, but this podcast has made me LEGIT excited to learn more!  :)

Thanks again!  You guys ROCK!"

Danell Beede
Danell Beede Photography 

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Family photographer who has never worried about finding clients because her husband "does the SEO stuff..."

Meredith's Husband

Professional SEO and amateur husband with a talent for simplifying confusing topics like SEO.

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