How to Connect Google Analytics to Squarespace

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Let's see how to connect an existing Google Analytics account to a Squarespace website. 

How to add an existing Google Analytics account to your Squarespace site.

[0:06] So I have two tabs open, I'm logged into my analytics, and I'm logged into my Squarespace site. The first thing that we'll need to do is go to analytics. And down near the bottom left hand corner, there'll be a section or a little link called "admin".

[0:20] Click on that. And then we're going to look to the middle column here, you may only have two columns, in which case, you should open up this drop down here. And there will probably be two properties listed here, one with GA4 and one with you a number, we want to select the one with the UA number, that should open up the third column.

[0:43] Once you're there, click on "tracking info" and then "tracking code". And this is going to be the code that we want to grab. You cannot select just a portion of this code, you probably need to select it all. But we only need a portion. So copy that text. And plug it into a text editor.

[1:01] All we need is this number here begins with a you a hyphen, a string of digits and then another hyphen and then a number. Probably be either a one or two at the end. Copy it.

[1:15] Let's go over to Squarespace. Once you're logged into Squarespace, click on "Settings", click on "Advanced" all the way at the bottom. And then on "external API keys".

[1:26] This is where you will put it - right at the top, under Google Analytics, insert that code and Save. That's it. That's all you need to do.

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