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How to Add Users to Google Analytics

Let's add a user to our Google Analytics account. So this is a fairly simple, fairly common thing to do if you've never done it before. It was going to be hard to find.

Transcript - Adding users to Google Analytics

[00:12] So once you log in to Google Analytics, you'll be looking at a screen like this. If you're using the newer Google Analytics dashboard, the G4 dashboard. This one apply. You'll need to watch a video. I'll try to create one and link it below, but I would recommend using the original. Google Analytics dashboard, it's in my industry, it's wide. The new version is widely-panned and people much prefer this one, so try to use the original. So once you've logged in, you'll probably only have one property, but you want to. If you have more than one property, more than one website that you're managing, you want to go up here to the top and you will see different accounts. Most likely again, you'll only have one account. If you have more than one, you'll need to select a property and then a view. And this is important. You'll see why in just a second. But once you are looking at that website, the site in question that you want to add a user to go down here to the very lower left-hand corner and click on admin. That's going to open a screen that has three columns in it. You want to look to the left side column. This is going to apply to the account that we were just looking at when we opened this dropdown. Here are the accounts on the left. The next column is going to apply to properties.

[01:31] Again, if we look up here, we have accounts, properties and then finally, over here on the far right-hand side is views. So usually if you want to give somebody access to your analytics, you'll just go right here to the account and you'll give them access to your account. If you have multiple websites in your account and you want to give them access to just one of those websites, you'll probably go here to properties. And if you have even finer detail that you want to show somebody and it's in a specific view, you can go over here to the final column on the right and add users that way. I recommend going here to the far left column and click on Account Access Management. And this is going to give somebody access to to any website that you have in your account. Once you're looking at a screen that lists your users, they'll be a plus sign. You want to click that, add user and then you're going to want to go ahead and type their email address in here if you want to notify them by email. Check this box. For some reason, you don't want them to be notified. You don't need to. One note about the email address this will need to be a Gmail address or an email powered by Gmail's and business apps. Typically, if somebody is asking you for excess and whatever email address they give you, it's going to work. But just FYI, if you type a Yahoo address in here, it probably won't work. Once you've entered the address, you'll want to assign them a role.

[03:00] Now if this is somebody to who you want to give full access to everything you would click Administrator. Be warned, however, that this would allow them access to go ahead and remove you from the account. So just, I would say, make sure that this is somebody you trust before you give admin access.

[03:19] The next one is Editor, and this is going to be in the cases. If you want somebody to help you with analytics, help set things up. Help make changes, et cetera. You're going to want to give them Editor access.

[03:30] Analyst and Viewer are both options. If you just want to let somebody see your data. So that they can take a look, but they can't make any changes. They can't do anything. Then either of these is fine.

[03:42] And then if let's say you had have given somebody access at one point and now you want to leave them in your account as a user just in case they want to, you want to give them access again, but you don't want them to have any access. Right now, you can click none.

[03:59] And finally the data restrictions for G4 properties, you won't need to do that if you're using a traditional. So once you've entered an email address, selected a role, just click Add and that person should receive it. If the checkbox is notified, they'll receive an email that, "hey, you have been granted access to a new Google Analytics property" and then they can go ahead and log in. They'll have all the info that they need.


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