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[FIX] Pages Don’t Have Character Encoding

How to Fix Pages Don’t Have Character Encoding Declared

How to Fix Pages Don’t Have Character Encoding Declared This is also a fairly simple, but very important issue to fix.

I’ll show you how to do that. So log into your WordPress admin dashboard. Once you’re there, scroll down hover over appearance and select your theme editor.

Then once you are in your theme editor, look on the right-hand nav for the header dot PHP file. And this will usually be named the theme header.

Although depending on your theme, it might have a different name. Just make sure that it does say header dot PHP, right beneath the name.

So once you’re on this page, you’re going to look for a line of code. It’s probably going to be a right around here.

It’ll be after the head, after this portion of code that says head. Um, if you don’t see a line in the next couple lines of code that says something about the character set or CHR, Charset, that’s the line of code that you’re going to want to install.

Now, WordPress does this by default, and it will use a little PHP script to do this that you don’t necessarily need to do that.

Pretty much all web websites and browsers are using HTML five now. And there’s a standard, character coding for, for that.

So you can just take the line of code that’s, here on this page and cut and paste it. Put it right here.

I would say put it after the viewport tag and above any, Javascript code and make sure it’s on a line of its own.

And once you do that, click to update the file and you should be all set.

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