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[FIX] Pages Take More Than 1 Second to Become Interactive

How to Fix Pages that Take More Than 1 Second to Become Interactive

How to Fix Pages that Take More Than 1 Second to Become Interactive If you have pages that take more than one second to become interactive, this just means that you have a slow page.

This signifies that you probably have one or more pages that are taking more than a second before people can actually click around and do stuff on it. You will either have this on one or two pages or you will have it on a bunch of pages. You can even have this in half of your pages or all of your pages.

If you have this error on a bunch of pages, this means that you have a slow website and you’re probably going to have other error messages related to page speed.

In which case you’re going to want to look at our tutorial for improving your page speed which you can click on below.

You can either go through that tutorial and try to make those changes yourself. Some of them are very basic while some of them can be a little more advanced than the others.

It just depends on what’s happening with your site. Most often, slow load times on WordPress are due to either your WordPress itself being outdated, your theme being outdated or very heavy, or your plugins are either outdated or you have too many of them.

Sometimes your hosting can make a difference. But then, the differences that hosting makes are usually not as significant as those other three things.

Although if you cannot change your WordPress theme, then hosting might be an option. Regardless check out the tutorial below, go through the checklist and see what’s working in the other possible scenario.

If you get this error and have it online on only one or two pages, just wait a few minutes and then rerun the audit.

A lot of times if you get this issue and just wait and rerun the audit in a few minutes, there’s a good chance that those pages will be okay. Sometimes when the SEMrush audit tool was checking that particular page, the server could get a little bit of a spike in that particular page causing you to get this issue.

If you’re running into this issue consistently where you always have one or two pages that are slow to become interactive, and those pages are always different, then that’s likely a hosting issue.

That’s not your site that’s causing the issue. That’s likely just the server and you may want to look at upgrading your hosting plan or switching to a new host.

If you get this error on one to two pages and you rerun the audit and it continues to come back with that same page that’s too slow, then you want to look at that page.

Specifically, you want to look at what is on that page, what is taking, or what could be taking longer to load.

Do you have images that are too big? A lot of times when you upload big images to WordPress, you may or may not have something within WordPress that resizes those for the web.

So it might just be that your images need to be optimized for it. Maybe you have a video or maybe the video is embedded within your WordPress database. If so, I would recommend hosting it on Vimeo or somewhere else and then embedding it. Use the embed code to display the video on your website.

That will help speed it up again. If it’s persistent and the same page keeps coming back, you probably want to check out our other tutorial on how to increase page speed. But before you even need to do that, I would say just go to that page and look to see whether there are any elements such as big videos and big images.

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