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[FIX] Pages Use Flash

How to Fix Pages that Use Flash

How to Fix Pages that Use Flash So flash is fairly old technology at this point. It’s been probably several years since I’ve seen a website using flash.

And if you have this issue, if you’re using clash on your site, it’s an issue for a few reasons. Number one, it doesn’t work on most devices, uh, even on desktops.

A lot of times, this is what you will see if you are trying to run flash on a machine. And I don’t think it’s gonna work at all ever on mobile devices or, or tablets.

And even if it does work, you should know that whatever you are displaying within flash, it’s going to be invisible to Google.

So it’s not going to be indexed. So my advice, if you’re using clash, it’s probably fairly old content. I don’t think any new flash is really being developed.

So look at whatever content that you are using flash for and consider replacing it. Because number one, as I said, it’s, it’s probably old content.

Is it worthwhile? Do you need it on your site? Uh, and if you do, uh, consider reformatting it or presenting it some other way, because this is just not impressive to users, whether it’s on a phone or computer, it just makes it look like your website has not been maintained, uh, for, for quite a while.

So I would consider, uh, finding another solution for whatever content you’re using flash for.

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