Instructions: Title & Tag Worksheet


Video Transcript

Step #1: follow the link until you are looking at a screen like this. This is the worksheet, the first thing you'll notice is that you'll only have View Only access, do not request Edit Access, we won't allow accessing this document, what you need to do is go to File > Make a Copy, and name at whatever you want. This is going to save it to your drive your Google Drive folders, then you'll see you can access it, and you can edit it just like any other Google Sheet, then, of course, the next thing to do is to populate this. You'll notice, obviously, there's no information here. So what we need to do is we need to grab your data from SEMrush. So we'll go over to SEMrush, find the content analyzer, and if you haven't done this already, you need to run this audit.

Once that finishes, you'll have a bunch of columns here, you can't see all of them, there's just a whole, there's a whole bunch of them. But once this finishes running, and it will take several minutes probably, go ahead and export that to an Excel file. Then open that up in Excel, highlight and copy all the fields, just everything from there.

Go back over to your spreadsheet, to the second tab, paste, and just put your cursor right here, right over there, and then paste everything. And then that's it for this tab, you can leave this as is go back over to the first step. And you'll see that this populates your URLs, any page that has a title, tag and description, it's also going to give you some guide length.

The first few columns here are your existing tags. So these will be populated with your existing title tag and your existing meta description. It'll tell you how long each one of those is. Now, if your description tag is too long, this will show up in yellow fields are like this. So this description, or I'm sorry, this title tag is a little bit too long. You'll want to create something that's a little bit shorter so that it's not truncated in search results. And the same thing with a description tag. Now you notice this site here doesn't have many tags filled in. Hopefully, when you enter your information here, every page will have a title tag and description tag. If it doesn't, this is certainly your opportunity to create that.

What I like to do is I like to take this entire column and copy it. Come over here to the new title tag row and paste special due values only. And what that will do is that will copy just the title, the text and the title tag itself because these, this column here, these fields are populated with formulas and you don't want to copy that formula, we just want the title tag, so Pasting special new "value only" will do that it will paste only the actual text from the title tag.

I do the same thing with the description tags, copying and then pasting special values only. And we'll see a lot of these pages don't have description tags. But if we scroll down to one that does, you'll see it appears here. Now you can edit this text directly. You can make it longer or shorter. If we make it too long, for example, you'll see that it displays a different color, giving us a quick indication that it's too long. So if we just undo that, we can see that title length is good. Most of the lengths here are fine. This one is a little bit too long. So let's say we wanted to shorten it, now that's the length.

I highly recommend creating titles and description tags this way so that after you upload them to your site, you can create them all here, make sure the format is all similar. Then upload them all to your WordPress or your website, whatever whatever CMS you're using. That way if you ever lose that if you're if your titles are overwritten or you ever lose them for any reason, maybe change plugins or do whatever, you have a place to come back to to get them again, you don't have to worry about finding a way to restore these within WordPress.


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