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[FIX] URLs with a permanent redirect

How to Fix Permanent Redirects

How to Fix Permanent Redirects Permanent redirects are not a major problem in themselves and that’s why they’re only classified as notices.

Commonly, websites are going to have some redirects happening, especially if you’ve ever relaunched your site or made changes.

It’s very typical. If it is appearing in your SEMrush audit, what that means is you’re redirecting users internally.

So if you’re trying to get users from page A to B within your website, you’re linking from page A to page C and then redirecting them back to B and you don’t want to do that.

It’s too complex and issues like that, which are fairly small, pile up over the years and you can eventually get to a place where it becomes a pretty big problem.

In the first column, you’ll see where the link is located. The second column displays where that link is going, and the third column shows where that link is then being redirected. In this case, these will all be 301 permanent redirects.

If you’re trying to get users on a certain page or you want to get them to this URL over here in the final column, you should link directly to this URL. What’s happening is you’re linking to this URL in the middle and then redirecting those users to the final URL.

So what you’ll need to do is you need to go to this actual page on your website.

Login to WordPress, find where that link is to the link in the second column, and modify that link directly. You can also replace it with the link that’s in the third column and that will fix the internal issues that you have.

The fact that that URL remains means that the redirect will remain there, but it’s not an issue because if a user comes to your site from somewhere else and they try to land on this page, in the center column, then they will be redirected to the appropriate page.

However, you don’t want to do this when you don’t have to. And if users are just navigating your site internally, you don’t have to do this. Simply go through the process above and change that link directly on your WordPress page. That will get rid of this issue within SEMrush.

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