The SEO Roadmap

Finally, Some Good SEO Advice!

... from an actual SEO professional, created specifically for photographers. 


5 Days, 15 Lessons

The 5 Phases of the SEO process from start to finish, all in non-"SEO techno-babble". Learn where people often get stuck with SEO, the most common challenges, and how to deal with them.

Day 1: The Google Toolbox

  1. Setup: The Google Toolbox
  2. Google Analytics & Google Search Console
  3. Your Google Business Profile

Day 2: Optimization - The "SEO Stuff"

  1. Meta Tags & Other Misinformation
  2. Let's Go Keyword Shopping
  3. Where to put your Keywords

Day 3: Why Links Matter & How to Get Them

  1. The Key to Google's Success
  2. How to get Local Business Links
  3. How to get Competitor Links

Day 4: Blogging!!!

  1. How/Why Blogging Helps SEO
  2. Blogging 101: Finding your 'Secret Sauce'
  3. Blogging 102: Getting Eyeballs

Day 5: What's Next? Taking Action

  1. "Implementation"
  2. How to 'Reduce Friction' & Get More Leads
  3. What's Next? [The Options]


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What have students said?

SEO gold for novices! Before doing Chris' 5-day course, I knew some SEO lingo and had heard a lot of rumors about SEO. After the course, I feel solidly grounded in SEO basics and I have a step-by-step action plan for how to move ahead with actions that will actually help my ranking. Chris is a really good (patient!) teacher and is super knowledgeable. He takes a big, messy ball of yarn called SEO and makes it a thread you can follow. There are so many opinions and much misinformation out there, I will only be listening to Chris about SEO from now on. Thank you!


I participated in the five-day SEO workshop. I am a website designer and have learned about SEO here and there, but my time with Meredith's husband reshaped how I will approach SEO both for my own business and my clients moving forward. He is an expert with many years of experience, and it showed. He broke down a seemingly complex topic in an easy-to-understand way and gave me a list of action steps moving forward. He is full of excellent knowledge, and I highly recommend engaging with him. Your business will thank you.


Prior to beginning this SEO training, I knew very little about on-site/off-site SEO. Meredith's husband did a fantastic job making technical topics both understandable and interesting. I cannot recommend working with him enough thanks to his expertise and professionalism!