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[FIX] Incorrect Pages Found in Sitemap.xml

How to Fix Incorrect Pages Found in Sitemap.xml

How to Fix Incorrect Pages Found in Sitemap.xml This tutorial will go through ‘4xx Codes.’ A “4xx code” represents a “404” page 99% of the time.

If you open your PDF and go down to the table of contents (if you have this problem), it will say “4xx errors” and you will almost certainly have an issue termed “broken internal links.”

This is due to the fact that a “broken internal link” immediately creates a “404” error.

So, in this case, you see ‘broken internal links’ listed above the ‘4xx codes’ since correcting your ‘broken internal links’ will instantly cause the ‘4xx codes’ to disappear. Both issues will be resolved by a single solution.

Always try to fix your ‘broken internal links’ first, then your ‘4xx codes.’

Returning to our example, if we scroll down, we will most likely see more ‘broken internal links’ than ‘404 codes.’ There were four broken internal connections in this example because there are five links on this page that lead to missing pages, but only four individual pages are truly missing.

This means there is more than one link going to 1 of these ‘404’ pages and that’s normal (this creates 2 broken links and a ‘404’ error).

There are usually never more ‘4xx codes’ than ‘broken internal links.’ To summarize, you can avoid this problem by first repairing any ‘broken internal links.’ If you successfully repair the ‘broken internal links,’ these 404 codes should vanish as well.

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