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[FIX] Issues With Expiring or Expired Certificate

How to Fix Issues With Expiring or Expired Certificate

How to Fix Issues With Expiring or Expired Certificate This refers to an SSL certificate, which is something that allows you to have the S in the HTTPS of your domain name.

And that’s important. It’s just important for SEO. You need to have it and what this means is your certificate is it has expired or is about to expire.

Um, and this is done through your hosting company. So you have your domain name registered that may be somewhere like GoDaddy, and then you have your website hosting, which may also be GoDaddy.

It might be somewhere else. What you need to do is go to your hosting company, whether that’s, you know, go to Eddie or in motion or kin sta or SiteGround, whatever, and I would call them and ask them if your SSL certificate is, has expired, and tell them you’d like to renew it and also make sure that they can make sure that they’re going to implement it for you.

Just ask them, you’re, you’re, you’re going to implement this for me. Right. And they should take care of it. Um, that’s something that they do most hosting companies will offer a free SSL certificate. GoDaddy is the VA is one of the few that does not, they’ll charge you, like, I don’t know, 70, 80 bucks or something like that per year.

You need to have this though. Um, so call them up, make sure that, that they’re going to implement it and just, you know, ask them if they can take care of it.

And they’ll do that, and also ask them if they can, Us redirect users to the secure version.

They’ll know what that means and what that is basically if, if a user tries to go to the non-secure version of your site, you want to force them.

You want to make sure that they go to the secure version. Otherwise, it’s, you’re going to run into all sorts of other issues, but do that.

And you should, this issue should be taken care of. Okay.

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