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[FIX] Outgoing Internal Link Contains a No-follow Attribute

How to Fix Internal Link Contains a No-follow Attribute

How to Fix Internal Link Contains a No-follow Attribute A no-follow attribute is a little tiny piece of code that you can add to a link that effectively tells Google, Hey, ignore this link.

Don’t, don’t follow this link. Wherever this link goes, don’t give that website. If it’s another website or your own website, don’t pass any SEO authority along to that website, and the history of no follow attributes in SEO goes way back and it’s a little complex. I’m not going to get into it, but usually, this is not a problem.

Whether you, when you have no-follow attributes internally, it’s a little unusual external, no-follow attributes are a little different.

I’ll cover those in a different tutorial. But when you have one of these, go ahead and click through to the details page, and it will tell you where the link is and where the link is going. And if we just go to this page, I’ve placed that link down here. This is I’ve given this link right here, a no-follow attribute.

We can go into the page Litter, The content section find where that link is and if you click on it, you should see a little link icon up here above the section.

You’re editing, click on that, and then click on this little gear icon. And this is where you can add the no-follow attributes.

I would say if you have internal links that are, that have a no-follow attribute, you probably want to get rid of them unless they’re linking to like a log-in page or something like that.

If you have a website where you have an area that’s public and an area that’s private, and it’s only available to like paid users or subscribed users or something like that, and you’re linking to the login page, then that is appropriate.

It may, you, you would want to have a no-follow attribute there. Otherwise, in most cases, I say you can probably get rid of that.

Um, yeah, Leave the page. And when you rerun your or SEMrush audit, this will disappear. If you have internal links that you think should be no-followed.

And I would say if, if you’re unsure, if it’s a link to any sort of like an odd length that you’re, that you’re not familiar with, if it’s a, you know, JavaScript or a CSS file or anything that you’re not really sure about, I would say, just leave it and what you can do is you can check this box next to that link and then say, hide selected. Next: Fix Broken Internal Links >

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