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[FIX] Pages Have Underscores in The URL

How to Fix Pages that Have Underscores in Their URL

How to Fix Pages that Have Underscores in Their URL This is exactly what it sounds like. Typically URLs will have hyphens between the words, especially after

If you have a page that’s like, you know, my services or your services, it would be your hyphen services.

It used to be several years ago that, underscores were actually more popular. And then Google started recognizing underscores as their own unique character.

Whereas hyphens are just space. So you basically want to always use hyphens in your URLs when you’re naming pages.

What this issue means is that you have an underscore in some or many of your URLs. I would only change this if you have a lot of these areas.

If you have just a few, there’s a little bit of a downside to changing URLs, and this is such a minor issue that if you have one or two of these, I think that’s fine.

I would probably leave as leave it as it is rather than changing those URLs. If you do change the URLs, say perhaps you have a bunch of these in your they’re important pages and you really want to get them, you know, to current standards, you’re going to need to place redirect.

So check out our video on placing redirects, because if you don’t do that, you’re going to lose rankings pretty much automatically if you change a URL.

But what you’re looking for is basically this, you can see in this URL here, there’s an underscore it’s residential underscore services, and what you, the best practices is to make that a hyphen rather than an underscore.

So my advice is to always use hyphens when you’re creating new pages from now on always use hyphens. Don’t create a page with underscores.

If you have pages with underscores that have already existed for years, I would probably leave them as-is and less, like I said, there’s a whole bunch of them.

Or if you’re having real trouble getting your SEO score up to a 90 plus, then it’s something you might want to do.

Otherwise, I would just leave it as is.

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