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[FIX] Pages returned 4XX status code

How to fix pages with 4xx Errors

How to fix pages with 4xx Errors This tutorial covers ‘4xx Codes’. About 99% of the time, a “4xx code” is going to mean a “404” page.

If you open up your PDF and scroll down to your table of contents (under YOUR CURRENT “TOP ISSUES”) you’ll find “4xx errors” and you most likely will also have an issue called “broken internal links”:

A ‘broken internal link’ automatically generates a “404” error so you’ll almost always find these two issues together.

In this example, you see ‘broken internal links’ listed above the ‘4xx codes’ because fixing your ‘broken internal links’ will cause the ‘4xx codes’ to automatically disappear. Both issues will be resolved with one fix.

Always look to fix your ‘broken internal links’ first, then fix the ‘4xx codes’.

If you scroll down, you will have more ‘broken internal links’ than you have ‘404 codes’. In this case, there were 4 broken internal links because there are five links on this page that are leading to missing pages, but there are only 4 different pages that are actually missing:

This means there is more than one link going to 1 of these ‘404’ pages and that’s normal (this creates 2 broken links and 1 ‘404’ error):

You will almost never see more ‘4xx codes’ than you see ‘broken internal links.

You can ignore this issue by first fixing any broken internal links. If you fix the ‘broken internal links’ successfully, these ‘404 codes’ should also disappear.

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