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[FIX] Pages Have www Resolve Issue

How to fix pages that have a “www Resolve Issue”

How to fix pages that have a “www Resolve Issue” This is an issue that can pop up when there’s some sort of discrepancy between yours, the www version of your website, and the non-www version.

Technically you could have a totally different website on your, you know, say your first for trace me I could have one set of pages on trace and a totally different set of pages on

And this is something that if Google didn’t monitor this. SEOs would take advantage of this. So for that reason, you have to also monitor and make sure you’re on top of it.

It’s not complicated processes, a few steps, and I’ll, I’ll walk you through them. So the first thing that you want to do is go to Google and just do a search for your company name, anything that will result in your website coming up.

So, in this case, I did my full company name, and then the first line, you can see the www version of my website is indexed by Google.

And that’s usually the case. You’ll notice most websites have that, but not all. Here’s an example of one that doesn’t use it.

And if you were to go to this domain, and you look at the URL, there’s no www in it.

If you were to put the www in that domain and then hit enter, the www be would removed.

So the next thing that you need to do is keeping this in mind, go to your WordPress dashboard, scroll down to settings, and just go to the general settings page, make sure that whatever you just saw Google, in my case, it, it used the www.

Make sure you use that same domain here, and always include. You have to also make sure that you’re using HTTPS versus HTTP.

If you are not doing that, then check out our guide below on how to implement, an SSL certificate.

So if you change this, go ahead and update your settings. If this is already correct, then we can just go ahead to the next step.

So that the next step will include making a change, what we call your HT access file. If you don’t know how to access that file, check out the guide below on HT access.

You’ll need to, look at that. And if you don’t have an FTP program set up, you will also need to check out the guide link below on how to get an FTP program.

And in gaining access, once you have access to your HT access file, you’re going to need to place, some code in it.

If you are going to use the non-www version of your website, you’ll need to, you just install this code right at the top of your HT access file.

If you are using the www version of your website, the code will be a little different I’ll copy-paste this text, into this page.

So you can, you can use it, once that is done, just save it. That should take care of this issue.

It used to be that you had to do additional steps in the Google search console, and that would be, done separately.

You don’t have to do that anymore. Google will pick up these changes automatically. Now, if you’re not comfortable, getting FTP, access to your server, or making these changes, you have a couple of options.

You can call your web host and just tell them that you want to force a redirect to the, www version of your website or the non-www whichever you want to send people to.

And most hosts will do that for you. Some, well, it depends on your host. Like the really the cheaper end hosts might not do that.

If they do not do that, they’ll certainly tell you how. But if, if they’ll probably tell you this exact method right here, if you’re still uncomfortable doing that, then you can submit a ticket and we could take care of this for you.

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