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Why are Title Tags Important?

Why are Title Tags Important?

This tutorial explains briefly why Title Tags are important for SEO and why Title Tags should be unique for each page of your website.

Title tags are one of the single most important elements with regards to SEO. And the reason is fairly simple. If you do any search on Google and I just did a sample search here, how to train a monkey, you’ll see a bunch of listings.

Each listing will have a headline type, a line in darker blue. That’s the title tag. So the first thing that users are going to see if they do a search, uh, are a bunch of title tags, uh, and Google is going to look at these first also.

So the first thing you need to do is make sure that your title tags are accurate. They need to accurately describe what is on the individual pages of your website, so that if users click on this page, they don’t get to a page that has content regarding some other topic.

That would be frustrating to users. It will likely, never happen because Google would never rank a page if your content doesn’t match your title tag, so reason number one – you need to send an accurate message to Google and your users to answer the question, ” What is this page about? ” Reason number two – you need to include your keywords in your title tag .

So you notice here in this search, “how to train a monkey” that all the title tags on the first page of Google have text that is very specific to ‘taking care of’ or ‘training’ monkeys.

I’m sure this is not a very competitive search phrase, because I don’t think you’re supposed to have pet monkeys to be honest, but you’ll notice one thing that all these title tags have in common – they mention ‘training’ or ‘taking care’ of a monkey fairly early on in the title.

And without doing that, these pages would never be, be shown here. If you don’t put your keywords in your title tag, very simply, you’re not going to rank well for that page.

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