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[FIX] Pages have Duplicate H1 & Title Tags

How to Fix Duplicate H1 and Title Duplicate H1 and title tag issues on pages are fairly easy to resolve. It’s not a big deal, but what this means is that you have a title tag and an H1 tag that are exactly the same text. It’s not uncommon to have a title tag and an H1 tag that are similar, but you want to avoid having exactly the same text because it looks like your website is over-optimized, kind of like keyword stuffing.

That is a tactic that SEO specialists have employed in the past, simply repeating the same keywords again and over. So you should avoid doing anything that gives the impression that you’re trying too hard to optimize your site merely to please Google.

So, if you have this problem, go ahead and go to the summary page, select the URL that has the issue, and then let’s open that in a new tab. In this case, my H1 is simply the text SEO audit:

But if you go into the page editor, there’s my H1. It’s titled SEO Audit. If you scroll down or locate your SEO tool and go to where your title tag is located, you’ll see it’s the same.

Now, the title tag is usually a little bit lengthier since that’s the text that users see first when they’re exploring Google. The line in blue will appear slightly larger than the rest of the text.

Typically, you’ll want to include more information here than you would in your site’s H1 tag. Now, your H1 tag is typically the biggest line of text at the top. It is usually limited to two or three words. Your title tag, on the other hand, will be up. You want it to be close to 60 characters long.

That’s going to be a bit longer. So, my advice is to keep your title tag as short as possible (under 60 characters) and to have it describe the contents of your page. Then your H1 will be a very brief header that tells a person what they’re looking at once they reach the page.

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