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[FIX] Issues with Duplicate Title Tags

How to Fix Duplicate Title Tags This tutorial demonstrates the process to locate your Duplicate Title Tags so that you can adjust them to be unique.

Within the PDF, under YOUR CURRENT TOP ISSUES, click on the “Duplicate title tags” page:

Clicking this will take you directly to the page where your duplicate title tags are listed. Scroll down towards the bottom of the page and look at the table to find the location of your pages that have duplicate title tags.

In the case shown in the screenshot below, there are only two pages. They each share the same title tag and you can open each link in a new tab:

When you visit any of the pages listed, you can either look in the code or look up at the very top tab to find that the title tags are similar:

You might not be able to read the full title tag but you’ll know whether it’s the same as another page if you look into the code and double-check it.

Once you find duplicate title tags, go to the admin section and edit the pages. You can use an SEO plug-in to help you optimize your title tags. Make sure that all of your title tags are unique.

You can have pages with similar content but the title tag shouldn’t be exactly alike. Refrain from having very identical title tags as it can be detrimental to your SEO.

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