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[FIX] External Images are Broken

How to fix broken external images

How to fix broken external images This is a fairly rare issue, because usually when you are using a website or we’re using an image on your website, you’re hosting that image on your own website and so you’ve uploaded it using the WordPress media library. Although you can also use a URL and embed an image on your website from some other website, it’s just not done very often. And that’s what this problem refers to with external images that are broken. That happens when you’ve when you’re doing that. When you’re, when you’ve embedded an image from an external website, some other website, and for whatever reason, that image is no longer available. There are two solutions to this. You can either try to fix it, or you can just replace it. Usually, you’re going to have to just replace it because it’s not your image. You never had it on your website. There’s probably not much you’re going to be able to do about it if somebody else has taken the image down. So you’ll just have to replace it. You’ll have to find your own image that you want to use in its place, or just remove the image entirely. So in that case, You want to be able to just go to the URL that has the broken image and, in this case, I just inserted an image here and then, and that is not a real image. So it shows up as a broken image and you use it, you’ll usually see this little thumbnail, uh, probably familiar with it.

And this little bit of text is what they call the alt text may or may not have this. It may just be a broken image, but either way, you’ll go into the WordPress editor. You’ll scroll down to whatever section has that image. And like I said, you’ll either need to find an image and then upload it on your own, just the way you would normally upload an image, or you can just delete it and that will literally just resolve the problem.

Now, though, the one time when this needs to be fixed in a, in a different way is sometimes you have a, an image embedded from another website and it may be like a, like some sort of batch, as a text, you know, some sort of authority where, you know, they lend you their badge and you can use it, but they’re hosting it on their site and that’s actually fairly common. I think that I believe this is one, this, this image is probably hosted or provided by someone else. Say for instance, and what often happens is if they offer a 2019 badge, and it’s now 2020, they’re going to take this down and you would have to go to them and get the new badge. In that case, you would have to, you have to do just that right to them and ask them for a new code for the new badge. Or you could go online and just look for a static version of the badge, although that usually is, against their, their recommendations and in those cases, but either way you would feud fix the issue the same way you, you handle images within your own WordPress site. You just log into the editor, find the image. And again, it’ll show up as a broken image. You just delete it or delete it and then replace it with an image that you want to use in its place.

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