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[FIX] Homepage Does Not Use HTTPS Encryption

How to Fix Homepage Does Not Use HTTPS

How to Fix Homepage Does Not Use HTTPS There are a number of, errors that you might see them SEMrush that are all related to this.

And they are: Homepage does not use HTTPS encryption. Non-secure pages, No redirect or canonical to HTTPS homepage. HTTP URLs, insight map, Issues with Mixed Content. Links on HTTPS pages lead to HTTP pages. So if you see any of those, these are the steps that you’re going to want to take. And this is also really important for, organic reasons because Google, Google has announced that they give preference to, pages that use this type of encryption.

So if you’re not using it on your website, your rankings are automatically going to be, demoted. So what I recommend, if you have any of those errors, check out our guide below on how to set up HTTPS encryption on your website.

There’s a checklist that will walk you through those things, because if you try to fix one of those areas, but not the others, you could, you could actually create more issues.

And this has happened to me personally, when you do stuff like this, you might be using redirects and you can potentially lock yourself and everyone else out of your website and just not be able to access it in order to fix it, which can be very frustrating.

So I suggest going through that checklist, kind of starting from scratch and making sure all the pieces are in place.

Some of them you may already have in place, but you just want to go through that checklist, make sure everything is, is implemented in the correct order.

And if you’re unsure about doing stuff like this yourself, you can always submit a ticket to us and we can help you out with it.

So either of those two, I suggest, first take a look at the guide, see if it’s something you’re comfortable with.

If you’re not, you can let us know and, and we can take the next step from there.

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