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How to Add Image Alt Tags in Squarespace

How to add alt text to an image in your Squarespace website.

First, jump into "edit mode" and double click on the image where you want to add alt text. Scroll down and underneath any link options, you'll see the option for "image alt text". This is where you will describe your image to improve accessibility and SEO.

This is going to be in the same spot no matter what type of image you're using, or the type of layout. If you have an inline image, head back over to the Content tab, and underneath the "link options", you'll still see "image alt text". This is where you'll describe that image.

What about gallery sections?

At this time, we don't have the ability to add an alt tag to a gallery section, you can click on the picture here and add a description to each image which I recommend. But that will show up if you've enabled captions in the settings for this page section right there.

What about page section background images

You can't have alt text for those either at this time, but for the "List section" images, you can.

Let's scroll down to a list section. If you select "edit content" and click on the "Content" tab me and click on one of the items and you'll notice you will have "image alt text" that you can add right here underneath the item.

Again, this is for the "List section"... select edit content, click on the Content tab, click into the item and add the alt text to the image right there.

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