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[FIX] Pages Don’t Have Enough Text Within the Title Tags

How to fix titles that are too short Fixing pages that don’t have enough text within the title tags is another fairly easy issue to fix. If you have this issue, go ahead and click through it.

This just means your title tags are too short and that’s something you do want to try to avoid since it just looks kind of odd in search engines if you just have one or two words listed for a particular page.

Once you get to the summary page, go ahead and click through to the URL that has the issue. And once you get there, you can go to the page editor.

Then scroll down or find your SEO plugin whether that’s at the top or the bottom. In the Title field is where you’ll probably see that there’s just not enough text. It’s probably less than 20 characters or so.

In my case, I already have the title that I like to have and you’ll see below that it’s 33 characters long. That’s still fairly short but it’s okay and is average. Again, you want to keep your title tags ideally between 40 to 60 characters. So this is a little short but it’s a pretty targeted page for me. So I’m happy enough with this.

So that’s all you need to do. Make sure you don’t go above 60 characters and make sure your title tags are just accurately describing the content of your page.

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