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[FIX] Pages Don’t Have Title Tags

How to Fix Missing Title Tags

How to Fix Missing Title Tags Pages that don’t have title tags are a fairly rare issue but are quite important. So once you spot it during one of your SEMrush audits, make sure to fix it immediately. The good thing is that resolving this issue is pretty easy.

This post will show you what to do if you ever do come across this issue.

So first, I don’t have a site that actually has this problem. So what I’m going to do is take away a title tag on one of the pages of my own site. And then I’m going to do a search for it in SEMrush. It’s a thank you page on the blog.

If you go over to this page, this is what it looks like on the front-end.

This page is actually not indexed. We don’t want search engines to find this page because we don’t want any users to find this unless they submit the form that leads to this page.

But if you have a page that doesn’t have a title tag, what you want to do is go to the front-end, click the edit page, scroll down to your SEO plugin, and find where you can add your title tag.

This will be blank. I have the default settings set so that even without a title tag, it will choose the default text from the blog itself. It’ll take the first line from the blog and make that the title.

So this is what the actual title texts would appear like in search engines. Although this one will not appear in search engines because we don’t have this page indexed.

But what you need to do is just go ahead and put any text or title that you want. I do recommend creating and formatting a good title tag, but once you put the text in here and save the page, it will instantly alleviate the problem of your page not having a title tag.

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