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[FIX] Pages have too much text within the title tags

How to Fix Titles are Too Long

How to Fix Titles are Too Long Pages that have too much text within the title tags are actually a fairly important issue and are, fortunately, not difficult to fix.

If you have this issue, this is one of the first things that you should fix. We’ve previously covered title tags in one of our posts.

For title tags, there’s a recommended limit of 60 characters. And this doesn’t literally mean the number of characters but pertains to the pixel width of each.

It’s best to avoid going beyond the limit to prevent keyword stuffing and run-on sentences. And you’ll also notice that if you search on Google and look at the title tags, it only has so much space that’s visible and readable.

So for this site, we’ve clicked through to look at the details and it shows that there are 322 pages that have too much text within the title tags:

If we look at the table beneath here, we see in the first column the URLs that have the issue. In the second column, you’ll find the title tags that have the issue.

So these titles have too many characters and you’ll also see that the company name is being appended to the end of every title:

Including the name of the company or the name of the website will usually take you over the limit in terms of the number of characters.

To optimize your title tag, use an SEO plug-in. With the help of the plugin, you’ll be able to determine the issues in your title tag and learn how to fix them

Open up the editor and shorten the title tag of the webpage in question. As you’re typing your new title, you can see when you’ll go over the limit via the SEO plug-in tool in real-time. Make sure that your title tags are fewer than 60 characters.

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