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[FIX] Pages Have Too Large HTML Size

How to Fix Pages that Have Too Large HTML Size

How to Fix Pages that Have Too Large HTML Size This is a rare problem. I’ve actually never seen this report. It, what this means is there’s not too much text on your website, so not, not too many words on your page that users can read, but too much, HTML texts in the background, holding that page up.

So in other words, if you were to go, if you have this issue, if you were to go to your site, and I’m just using a demo site here, and if you just type, if you just right-click, there will be an option to view page source sometimes, you need to go to your browser menu and there’s something that says view and if you click view page source, it will show you a page that looks probably something like this and you can see here, there’s a lot more text on this page, uh, than you would actually see on this site.

And all this text in the code is what is holding up, all this design, all these images and the layout, and, you know, the background images and fonts and colors, et cetera.

So in this case you like, So, in this case, you have, just basically too much HTML, and there is no hard and fast rule about how much HTML that is.

But if you have this issue, when you look at your code, you’re probably gonna see a lot, a lot of code here, probably a lot more than this.

Now, part of this is just due to WordPress, WordPress itself, uses a lot of code, and it does that to make it very user-friendly to enable you to, to, you know, build a website easily, to enable all the features that, you know, all this stuff, edit page and, you know, kind of building a website by just clicking buttons and that whole kind of drag and drop functionality, uh, that requires more code.

So WordPress does that, but it’s not enough a code, in the default WordPress to trigger this warning in SEMrush.

So it’s something else. So the first thing I would do would be to go to your dashboard and take a look at your plugins.

Take a look at the plugins you have that are active, because if you don’t have, if you have plugins that are inactive, they’re not going to be affecting your, this side, the size of your HTML.

So look at your active plugins, in general, you don’t want to have, too many plugins. You want to keep the plugins to a minimum because they can just slow down a site if you have too many of them.

So take a look at your plugins. Are there any that you think you can get rid of, or they, you know, number one, are you not using them if you’re not using them and they’re still active, you should definitely deactivate them.

If there are others that you think, Oh, maybe I can combine this, or there’s something else I can do instead, try getting rid of those plugins.

If you don’t see any, or that you think you can deactivate, or you’ve already done that, then you may want to consider the theme that you’re using.

That’s, that’s the next most likely candidate when you have an HTML two large warning, and, and themes are some are worse than others.

Some are really bad. Some are really light, meaning that they don’t have, a lot of code, and others typically the ones that have a lot of functionality, like a lot of drag and drop things and a lot of features, that’s just going to require more code.

So you can check out, our article about, choosing themes, finding one that’s light and fast. You also want to more code that one of the problems with having too much HTML code is also going to slow down your site and your site speed is a ranking factor.

So that’s something else. That’s kind of the reason why you want to avoid this as it is. It may slow down your site.

And another trick you can try is you can go to a Google page, speed insights, and just enter the name of your website and include the full URL, including the HTTPS and the dumped upped up.

if your site uses the DubDubDub click analyze, and this may give you some insight as to what is taking up, that, that space, it might not, but this is a good tool to be aware of.

Anyway, it’s just going to basically give your site a speed score, and give you some suggestions along there about what is taking up time, so, or taking time to load rather and you can, you can start there, hopefully, it’ll give you some insight, as to what is taking up, using up all that space within your HTML.

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