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[FIX] Sitemap.xml Files are Too Large

How to Fix Sitemap.xml Files are Too Large

How to Fix Sitemap.xml Files are Too Large If you have the Sitemap.XML files are too large an error, you’ll want to fix that. It’s fairly important.

I’ve actually never seen this in practice. I would. It’s very rare, but there is a really easy fix. I’ll show you how to do that.

The first thing you want to do is go To your WordPress dashboard. You’re all in one SEO, plugin, and click on that.

If you’re not using an all-in-one, I do recommend switching. If you’re using Yoast or another, you can check out our tutorial on how to switch from those plugins to the all-in-one SEO plugin.

That’s linked to below. If you’re using all-in-one go ahead and open the settings. Look for the XML sitemap link.

If you don’t see that you may need to go to the feature manager link, and then find the XML sitemaps card it’s usually listed first, and you may need to click this blue button, if it says activate, do that, click that, and then refresh the page a nd then once you do that, you should see the XML sitemap listed here. Go ahead and click that and scroll down until you see the feature called enable site map index is a, and this check box is probably unchecked, and in which case you’re going to want to check that box.

Then you can scroll all the way down and simply click to update your site map, and that should resolve that issue.

So what that’s doing in the background is, by default, you have one site map and it can get to be fairly large if you, especially, if you have a lot of images or videos or posts on your site. So by clicking this box, it’s going to take that really large site map and split it up into smaller site maps.

Usually one for images and one for pages, one for post one for videos, et cetera. If you have a WordPress site with just say 2000 blog posts, it will then split those posts up into smaller site maps, of a thousand each, either way, just doing that should resolve this issue.

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