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How to Schedule WorPress Blog Posts

This is how you can schedule WordPress blog posts. So I'm logged in to my WordPress website, and I'm looking at the post, but there are no posts. So I'm going to add a new post. And now when I'm prompted, I'm going to enter the title of my blog post. And then I'm going to write my blog post.

0:26 And once it's ready, and this is ready, because it's obviously the world's greatest blog post, I'm going to click on Post, if I see these two options post and blog, I want to make sure I'm on the post feature. And from here, we can see next to the word publish, it says immediately go ahead and click immediately.

0:46 And then put any date you want, date, and time actually, so I'm going to post this tomorrow. And as soon as I click the date, the Post button turns into a schedule button. And then I click schedule. It lets me approve, yes, I'm going to schedule this post for tomorrow.

1:01 Now you can see in the bottom left-hand corner, it confirms this post is scheduled, I can go ahead and view it if I want. But let's say I want to change it and schedule it for a different day. So it's scheduled for tomorrow, it hasn't been posted yet.

1:15 So I can go in and I can go back to the post section, look to the right of where it says publish and click on the date. Now I'm going to publish this next Friday the 21st and I'm going to do that at 5pm.

1:31 Once that is done, I can go ahead and click schedule. And again, say post updated view post. And I can see the new published date is April 21, 5:43 pm.


That's it this post is scheduled and if I ever want to change my mind, let's say I want to redo it and schedule it for later I can do the same thing or I can go ahead and I can just move this to trash if I decide that this is perhaps not the world's greatest blog post.

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