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[FIX] Images Don’t Have Alt Attributes

How to Fix Missing Image Alt Tags

How to Fix Missing Image Alt Tags This will show you how to solve the issue of missing alt attributes. So if you open your PDF and see this issue in your table of contents, you can go ahead and click on it.

And that will take you down to this portion of the audit, where you can see a couple of things: first, the historical chart for these audits.

You can see that this is a brand new issue. There have been zero until the most recent audit, and then the table below is similar to other tables.

The first column is going to show you where this issue is located. The second column will show you the actual image that has the issue. So the first thing to do is to click on this image and it will show you which image you’re going to be looking for.

So once you have seen that, you can go back to your report then go to the page in question. In this case, it’s the homepage. Click on that and look for the image that we just saw that is missing an alt attribute.

So now you can go into your WordPress editor and just give this an image alt. I think of this as a brief image caption, and I think the best way to determine exactly what you want to put into the alt text for an image is to imagine a user looking at this page and this image doesn’t load.

So in place of the image, it’s going to be a little, two/three/four-word caption about what this image is so that the user knows that there’s an image here.

So for example, you might say smiling woman or smiling woman to the camera, or if you want to convey if this is a particular person, you might want to say this is the person’s name with a camera or photographing a word of caution.

Don’t use the alt text to stuff keywords. That’s the one thing that you want to avoid. If you want some more information about how to create the best image alt tags, we have an article below in the next section.

You can click on that if you want to know why these are important and why you want to have the image alt tag.

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