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[FIX] Issues With Incorrect Certificate Name

How to Fix Pages With Incorrect Certificate Name

How to Fix Pages With Incorrect Certificate Name If ever you encountered issues with incorrect certificate names, this refers to your SSL certificate

The SSL Certificate is what allows your domain name to have the HTTPS before the rest of your domain name and this is very important for SEO reasons.

Having this issue means two things: Number one, you do have a certificate which is good. Number two, the name does not match the name of your actual domain name which can be harmful to your SEO.

What you need to do here is call your hosting company. I would recommend calling them as opposed to sending an email. Do this and say to them that you basically have an issue with your SSL certificate and that the name doesn’t match your domain name. Usually, they should be able to look into that for you and tell you what the issue is.

They should be able to take care of it for you. So you really shouldn’t have to do anything and as long as you are speaking to them about this, I would double-check and ask them to make sure that there is a forced redirect to the secure version of your website.

What that means is it’s going to force users to a secure page if they try to go to a non-secure page. Otherwise, you can run into a bunch of other issues, but they should be able to take care of that for you also.

After that, you should be good and this issue should be taken care of.

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