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[FIX] Pages Contain Frames

How to Fix Pages that Use Frames

How to Fix Pages that Use Frames Frames in themselves are not necessarily bad. You just got to understand what’s happening.

So a frame in your website is central. I think a frame is like a window to another website. And there are certainly reasons to do that.

If you want to embed something in your site from another website like this video, for example, this video is hosted on a video hosting service and it’s presented on this website inside of a frame.

Now the important thing to understand about frames is that whatever is in the frame is not going to be attributed to your website by Google.

So Google is going to look at that content, and it’s going to look through that window and see that content, but it’s not going to say that content is coming from your website.

So if you are displaying content in a frame that you really want to have on your website, then you should try to take that out of a frame.

That said there are, there are many legitimate reasons why you would have frames. So like I said, having frames in themselves is not bad.

You just got to understand, is the content that’s in that frame? Is it my content? Do I want that to be considered by Google to be mine?

And if so, you need to think of how to, take that content and display it on your site without using a frame.

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