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[FIX] Pages Returned 5XX Status Code

How to fix pages with “5xx Status Codes”

How to fix pages with “5xx Status Codes” This is a very important issue. If you ever come across this, you want to fix it right away.

Unfortunately, it’s not something that’s easy to do because an error like this usually means that there’s something wrong with your server and it’s not serving up a page the way it should now to fix this.

You’re probably going to want to call the person who built your website or the person who is maintaining your website, because they may need to go in and contact the web host.

Or there may be something pretty deep within the code that’s causing this type of error. The good news about errors like this is that they’re caught pretty easily by website maintenance tools.

So if you have a tool that’s monitoring your site for uptime, this would be identified pretty early because it’s going to look like the page is down or the entire website is down.

So a problem like this, you make it a text alert depending on the tools you use. Your webmaster may get a text alert.

So it’s probably going to be fixed pretty quickly, or at least looked into pretty quickly. Most likely before you ever find this issue using SEMrush.

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