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[FIX] “Resources Are Formatted As Page Link”

How to fix the Semrush Issue: Resources are Formatted as Page Link

How to fix the Semrush Issue: Resources are Formatted as Page Link This issue has a negative impact on visitor experience and usability. It’s worth fixing to avoid frustrating your users.

Have you ever clicked on an image on a webpage before expecting to be taken to another page but all it did was show you a bigger version of the image?

In the video above, I’ve explained briefly how you can format resources like images or buttons on your page as a page link.

This may not seem as a terribly important issue but it’s fairly common among many websites. It also has a bigger impact on user experience and usability than it might seem so it’s worth looking at and fixing. Besides, it will only take a few minutes and is a total no-brainer.

When importing blog entries from your old site to your new site, the link connected to the images will sometimes not transfer along so you’re left with just the image pasted on the article.

Typically what happens when you click on the image is that it just expands the image. Now, that might be something that you’d like especially if you’re showing a gallery of your products or services.

Here’s an example of an image formatted as a link:

If your main goal is to take the user to another page when they clicked on an image, simply replace the link to lead to the correct page. If you don’t want the image to link to another page, just remove the link completely. You can easily do either by going to the Page Editor where the image is located.

Go to the page where your image is located and click the Edit Page option:

Head to the page feature, find the image in question and click on it.

You should find a little pencil icon. Click on that and here you can add a custom URL where your website users can land when they click on the image.

Find the image that needs to be fixed and click on the image:

You can also add alternative text and caption to your image in this section. This will contribute to the SEO of your page.

Here’s where you can set the image alt tag and other features:

In case you don’t want the image to link anywhere, click on None and don’t forget to hit “Update” to save the changes you’ve made.

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